The Mid-Autumn Festival is a special occasion in Vietnamese culture with ancient tales about Uncle Cuoi and Miss Hang from ancient times. Vietnamese celebrate the festival by gathering under the full moon while sharing mooncakes with friends, family, close customers and business partners.

Mooncakes are moulded by the baker’s skilful hands and feature flavours each with a significant meaning. Brodard wants to help customers to send their best greetings through high-quality mooncakes in luxurious Mid-Autumn gift boxes.

Almond Chocolate Danish

Pastry Cream Danish

Mixed Baked Dumplings

Sausage Pastry

Sausage Pastry Danish

Pâté Chaud

Salted Egg & Pork Floss Bread

Special Sausage Pastry

Egg & Meat Pastry

Pâté & Quail Egg Pastry

Mixed Quail Egg Pastry

Hot Dog

Spicy Pork Floss Bread

Pork Floss Bread


Two-toned Floss Bread

Cheese Pumpkin Bread

Pâté Chaud